Packaging wood

The packaging wood is a common name for wood used to make pallets and other packaging for the industry.

Packaging wood is wood that is a lesser grade than used for example. furniture, doors and window productions etc.

  • The wood is cut in original lengths from 1.80 – 7.20 m.
  • Often the wood is cut to special lengths, for example. 0.60/0.80/1, 20m if the wood is used for standard pallets such as EUR pallets or SD disposable pallets.
  • If the pallets are to be used for food or export, the wood must be dried according to the KD56/30 – IPPC.
  • Alternatively, Atimber can deliver the wood freshly sawn, this is somewhat cheaper.
  • Atimber's requirements for the quality of packaging wood is that all 4 sides have been touched by the saw.

Atimber delivers all dimensions LP decreasing lengths from Sweden.

LP-kapped items can be produced according to the customer's request and come most often from the Baltics/Belarus.