My name is Anne Rohde and I am the owner of Atimber Aps.

I convey wood productspallet blocks for packaging use and pellets etc. to the Danish market. The goods come mainly from Sweden, but also from Germany, the Baltics and Belarus.


I am a trained timber dealer and have worked with a both Danish and Swedish wood timber agents and wholesalers. 

From 2004 to 2015 I have been employed directly at Swedish sawmills (Södra and Holmen)

Here I sold their productions on the Danish market.

In 2015 I took the plunge and started my own agency – Atimber Aps

In August 2019 I started working with ITA3 – Richard Primdahl – and agreed to take over ITA3 when Richard retires in a few years.

The cooperation means that we cover everything from timber trades to industrial goods, as well as biofuels.

We are working hard to develop strong bonds with our Baltic friends. We specialise in wooden products for packaging, joists, garden/playground accessories and small huts. 

2023 Awarded Børsen Gazelle  


Please contact me via mobile or mail:

Mobile: + 45 3131 5262

Mail: anne@atimber.dk