Wood Pellets – Biofuel

Wood pellets are a biofuel product and a part of a life cycle with a short circuit of approx. 100 years.

When  wood pellets are used as heating, the same amount of carbon dioxide is added to the the atmosphere as used during the growth of the raw material, the forest. Wood pellets do not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Large parts of the oil and electricity used for heating may be replaced by wood pellets. Using wood pellets for heating instead of oil or electricity create a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Wood pellets are a renewable energy resource as opposed to fossil fuels (e.g. oil), which has a limited resources and cannot be recycled. Growing forests store carbon dioxide in the air in the form of carbon, and when the trees are harvested for use in different timber products, they continue to bind their carbon throughout the their lifetime.

Wood is a renewable material.  Thus is natural and at the same time a wise investment to perserve and develop our forests for the next generation.When caring for the raw material (the forests) today, it will be our guarantee of sustainable forest and bioenergy production in the future.

Atimber offers high-quality wood pellets from Swedish and Baltic producers.

The benefits include:

Climate-neutral energy, where the raw material is pure wood from nearby forests.

High energy value (4.9 kWh) and uniform quality.

6 and 8 mm pellets.

Product values are better than Swedish standards.

8mm best in Test on "Råd and Rön 2015".

ENplus can be offered.