Ecoblocks are eco-friendly!

Ecoblocks are manufactured from recycled wood that has been used for packaging, woodcuts from the agricultural sector, maintenance services in forests, parks, gardens and separate waste collection in the recycling depots.

The raw material is processed in a system that removes all impurities, refining the raw material up to the required particle size, dries it (with smoke at 200 ° C from the heating system) and mixes it with eco-friendly thermocuring glue.

The next forming process takes place, according to the type of pallet block, with either extrusion pressures or single-room presses.

Ecoblocks offers endless benefits compared to wooden blocks made by cutting square, tree sections.

Ecoblock benefits:

No investment in cutting systems

No waste

Ready to install

No drying costs

No attack of mold and insects

Durability, shape stability and water resistance

Use of recycled material

Consistent quality – no cracks

High resistance to extraction of nails

Dimensional stability

Complies with ISPM15 rules

EPAL/UIC Type-approval

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Ecoblocks are produced in different dimensions